Arthroscopic Lumbar Discectomy

The Joimax TESSYS system allows Dr. Mobley to use an arthroscopic camera that goes through a very small incision to treat spine problems.  This is a truly minimally invasive spine surgery, in fact it is arthroscopic spine surgery.  Most surgeons who perform minimally invasive spine surgery use incision smaller than traditional ones, but still cut through the muscle and bone to treat the problem.  With TESSYS, Dr. Mobley performs spine surgery through a keyhole incision which speeds recovery, minimizes post-operative pain and improves the final outcome by getting his patients back to life sooner with no hospital stay after surgery.

This procedure can treat disc herniations, disc bulging, foraminal stenosis, disc protrusions, annular tears, bone spurs, and facet overgrowth.  The key benefits to this surgery include no hospital stay, an arthroscopic incision, and quicker return to activities.


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